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URC Radio - It's a modern Ukrainian Online Radio in Chicago. The best, fresh, trendy pop, folk, of course, "Ukrainian classic" and modern and unforgettable international music hits! Exclusive news from Ukraine, Local Chicago News in the Ukrainian language, interesting radio-show, rubrics & programs. We are on AIR - 24/7. 

Where to listen to us!?

- Literary anywhere: just download our mobile apps for

iOS, Android, and enjoy on your phone, in your car, at home, etc.

- The easy way - just ask Amazon Alexa or Google Home - "Hey Google/Alexa! Please play the URC Radio!" 

- Online on our website,

- Through the Desktop Version

- Of course on TuneIn,

- Apple iTunes Radio,

- Radio Garden


Exclusive Ukrainian content especially designed for the most passionate Ukrainians in the US and is available to listen anytime and anywhere through our Apps where the internet is covered. The filling of our broadcasting, produced for the taste of the most demanding Ukrainian-American listeners. Do not waste your precious time searching for useful information and high-quality music. Just download, click, play, listen.

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Останні Новини в Чікаго, Українська музика, Прем’єра на URC Radio

URC Radio - Ukrainian Radio in Chicago | Advertise with us: 331 304 0007 | info@urcradio.com | Great Chicago Area | Illinois